2 Bisexual guys, a white speedo, a black gstring and a sauna.

Time has really gotten away from me the last couple of days guys – sorry for the delay in finishing off telling you what happened with Ian and Amy.

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I left off with Ian dropping his towel after a shower and showing me his black lycra g-string.  He did the model turn around thing and all which gave me a great look at his butt.  Ian’s butt looked very tasty and he did have the reminents of speedo tanlines.  It looked hot which I told Ian and I told him that Amy would love it.

Ian put some cargos on and we left for the 5 minute walk up the street to where Amy was babysitting.

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Pool blowjobThe front door was ajar (as Amy promised) and we knocked as we walked in.  Amy was obviously waiting and was obviously horny – she barely said hello before she jumped Ian and started kissing him.  This was a quick kiss and then Amy turned her attentions to me.

There was a little bit of small talk and we grabbed a drink from the kitchen.  From there Amy gave Ian and I directions to the sauna which was in the house and told us that she was going to check on the kid and she’d meet us in there.

Ian and I found the sauna,  stripped down (me to my white speedo and Ian to his black gstring).  Amy had turned the sauna on earlier and as I walked in the hot air seemed to burn the inside of my lungs.  Ian noticed my white speedo and asked me what DE Swimwear was and I told him that it was my own line of speedos.  He thought that was pretty kewl.

The two of us were lying on our backs getting used to the heat (2 minutes and I could already see the sweat shining on Ian’s chest) when Amy arrived.  All she was wearing was a tiny tiny black gstring and nothing covering her breasts.

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  1. dave says:

    this would be a whole lot hotter if you get rid of the girl.

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