2 guys kissing in their speedos.

Well guys I ended up getting written off (ie very drunk) on Thursday night after a great afternoon of boarding. So yesterday was confined to me nursing my hang over and masturbating about 4 times.

Haven’t seen Adam yet but will catch him tonight I reckon.

Pic for today – this is a great one and I think it is really hot.

2 guys kissing in their speedos.

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3 comments on “2 guys kissing in their speedos.
  1. gazza says:

    that’s not kissing! and they are not in speedos! 😛

  2. speedohole says:

    who fukn cares

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat pic

  3. Administrator says:

    Sorry guys – I messed up that pic – but if you look down this week I’ve updated them all so it is all right now.

    Sorry for the muck up – there are still 3 pics to go – I reckon this has been great posting a pic a day (well I have missed some days I do admit) – I’m thinking I might do it every day what do you guys think?

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