2 pairs of speedos and a bikini in the hottub.

Well guys you know that I have been promising Will that I’d work on a threesome with Julie.

Julie is this girl who is hanging off me up here in the ski resort – her name is Julie and I knew her last year. I didn’t hook up with her last year but one night before Xmas Julie and I hooked up. Last year I didn’t hook up with any guys at all while I was up here so even though I much prefer guys I didn’t mind having some fun with Julie and she is pretty hot.

Now Will is my roommate. He was str8 but he is cumming around. Will is 19yo and I’ve taken him under my wing a little bit – I’ve introduced him around town and invited him to any parties that I go to.

I did think Will was str8 but one night a couple of weeks ago we had some fun in the hot tub in our speedos. Will admitted that he has had a guy/guy experience but he is defensive about being a str8 guy. So a threesome with Julie was always on the cards.

Earlier in the week I spoke with Julie out on the town over a few drinks and told her that I might be able to organise a hotel room (getting a quite place is always a hard time since everyone has housemates). Julie sounded keen and I dropped it that maybe my roommate Will would join us. It was obvious that this idea was just fine with Julie as she tried to get me into the bathroom for some fun but I had to head off.

So 3 days later Will had organised to get a key to a vacant room at the hotel he works at.

We didn’t get to the hotel until about 8pm and things were pretty weird with the three of us in the room (it was a studio room with 2 queen beds). Being mid week and a quiet time of the year we headed down to the hot tub and we had it to ourselves. That being the case Will and I stripped down to our speedos and Julie stripped down to her bikini.

I will never ever get sick of being with other guys wearing speedos!!!

The three of us got into the hottub which provided nobody else joined us… was private enuf to get up to anything we could imagine.

More to cum either later tonight if I get all my work done.

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3 comments on “2 pairs of speedos and a bikini in the hottub.
  1. SpeedoLuver says:

    Tell us more!

  2. Mark says:

    Hope you got what you wanted Dave 😉

  3. Big Trent says:


    Found your blog off Aussielicious (Brenton). At work using my own wi-fi at the moment, but hey its damn good. I got the same thing about Speedos from way back when I was a beach rat who always got excited watching the big boys (and girls) play on the beach, and realised I had a think about seeing men peeling off their togs in the sheds etc.

    When I was at uni I shared a flat for a while in Clovelly with an older guy who used to run the headlands etc and then swim to keep fit. Sort of like an early version of a professional trainer, except it was just a bunch of mates into fitness which was how I got introduced to two fun things you can do with Speedos, which is give some one a wedgie, and also flick a towel real hard again them, or on the bare, in what seems to have become the lost art of towel whipping a wet bum.

    This guy had been a volunteer at one of the Police Boys Club (his dad was a senior cop) and told some of us how on the camps it was not uncommon for him or some of the other people to give kids who got out of hand a wedgie and whack their backsides until they glowed. Every now and then over the ‘wasted summers’ of the 90s I managed to find situations or excuses to whack the odd Speedoed and unspeedoed backside (in a playful way) as a forfeit for a backyard game of hand ball. Also remember (vividly) an incident at a surf club where I was a boatie for a while (yeah, nothing like rowing with a wedgie working its way up your arse) when we decided to spank a young lady who kept breaking the rules by coming into the change area. We pulled her bikini bottom up her bum, but then pulled it right down. Making her bend her big smooth brown tanned bottom over had us all popping our slugs, especially as her crack opened up so we could see the thin white V where the sun didn’t shine, and her glistening arse and curly haired pink cunt lips.

    Anyhow more about that some other time. Wish there had been phone cams or Coolpix cameras in those days. I think towel flicking and wedgie giving should be brought back as important parts of Aussie beach kulcha.

    Big Trent

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