2 speedo guys and the road…..

Two days in a row of early blog posts – aren’t you guys lucky.

Maybe I’m just feeling guilty about missing an entire week of blog posts.

Kip and I are just about to hit the road (he is packing the Durango while I finish his post).

We are heading south.  There are some sand dunes that we will try and see, we might knock off Mount Princeton (which is a peak above 14,000 feet – 6,267m).  We’ll loop around anti-clockwise and maybe check out the hot springs in Glenwood Springs before getting back home Sunday or Monday or Tuesday.

I’m excited to get on the road and we’re just going to wing it.  I’m sure Grindr will be used but these are small towns so not sure if it will work.

The weather is supposed to be super warm and we are looking forward to maybe getting in the water…. the water on the Australian Central NSW Coast is probably warmer in winter than the lakes and rivers in Colorado in summer but we’ll see.

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