5 days no posts

This is a new record for sure of me not posting.

I’ve been busy but not super busy.  I’ve been writing about waking up a few Sunday’s ago with two other people in my bed, which I’m hoping to share with you guys as soon as it is finished, but that is no excuse.

I definitely go through phases where I’m posting more but never not posting in 5 days.

Being mud season here Kip and I are snowboarding a little bit over at Arapahoe Basin but there is still too much snow around to do any real hiking or anything else.  I was thinking of heading down to Aussie for a month or so but some friends on the Central Coast told me that although the weather has been gorgeous, the water temp went from 21C to 15C in a week (I’m assuming change in currents).

I do have an idea to make things a little more fun around here though…. I’ll tell you tomorrow.

Enjoy your weekend guys!!!

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