$90 Speedo

Would you buy a $90 speedo?

What is the most you would or have bought a speedo for?

I saw a post today on the SpeedoForum.org talking about Aronik speedos which look fantastic but they are $90 for a plain black speedo!!!  That is way too much for me.  Their models are super hot though!!!  More pics over on the members blog.

If anyone from Aronik reads this blog, I’d be more than happy to demo a pair of these and find out if they are worth that $90.

Ninety Dollar SpeedoAronik Speedo

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2 comments on “$90 Speedo
  1. samspeedo says:

    Been looking (longingly) at Aronik speedos and their models for ages. I’m guessing they need to cost their very attractive and well-designed speedos at such a high price to pay for the hot models they use. Vry tempted to buy an Aronik simply on the basis of the wearer in it. Some of the guys are gorgeous! Then I think . . . hey, there are some hot guys on Dave’s page, more on AussieBum and so on . . . So, I agree with you, Dave! $90 for a plain black speedo is a bit much! I have a couple of black speedos already and I reckon I look pretty good in them as well! But . . . I’ll keep checking out the hunks over on the Aronik site!

  2. john dee says:

    fucking hell he’s gorgeous does he cum with those speedos , wish I looked that good

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