A little too Cheeky

Little bit overcast this morning but I was up early for a surf with the boys.  Still wearing wetsuits but the water is warming up and if I go for a surf this afternoon will only be in shorts (if the sun comes out).  I only wish I was wearing speedos while surfing.

I’m just finishing up editing the Twink/Bear/Speedos/Hottub movie I shared with you guys (the members got to watch the 22 minute video).  Here is some screen shots from later in the movie which I thought was funny.

I love how the twink is all cheeky and naughty just knowing how hot he looks.

Cheeky Twink Pre Anal

And when that Daddy/Bear starts fucking him that grin changes to a grimace….

Bear Cock inside Twink Twink Fucked by Daddy Twink and Daddy

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I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

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