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My name is Dave Evans, I’m a late 20’s (30 is still a little way off) Aussie guy.

This blog began in May 2005 and some of you will be new reading this, and some of you have been along for the journey.  Lots of ups and downs, people have tried to shut this blog down but I’m still here: large as life, and twice as ugly.

I started this blog after I spent a winter in Canada (yes I love snowboarding and you can’t do much of that on the Gold Coast where I grew up).  At an end of season party I had an amazing threesome (MMF – two guys and a girl) with a couple that I had been living with for 5 months.

The threesome was amazing, both us guys were wearing speedos and there was some guy/guy action as well.  I sat down to write about it as a story for my site SwimmerBoyz.com but I wanted to share it even more.  It isn’t the kind of thing I could call up my Mum and say “Hey Mum, guess what I did last night with my roomies!!!”

A friend of mine was a blogger so I asked her how to go about it and this blog was born.

Growing up I always harbored a speedo fetish.  I’m not sure why or how but I thought I was the only person in the world to be turned on so much by speedos.

Since sharing my passion, enthusiasm, fetish, obsession with speedos I can’t believe how many other guys out there, gay, bisexual and straight who share my speedo fetish.

This blog has been a great platform to share my experiences and make some new experiences with the people I’ve me through this blog.  Some of those people have been other bloggers, speedo manufacturers and readers just like you.

White AussieBum Speedos

Pic taken August 2012. My new white AussieBum Club speedos were broken in on Birdie Beach a little further north than where this pic was taken.

I consider myself 100% bisexual.  I like guys just as much as I like girls.

Dave Speedo Evans

I’m not out to my family or even to many of my friends.

There are two reasons for this that I can think of when asked.  Firstly, explaining bisexuality is difficult.  One day I might marry a woman and not have sex with men anymore.  Coming ‘out’ would be a big hassle just for that.  Secondly, I don’t wear my sexuality on my sleeve.  Who I sleep with doesn’t matter to anyone else.  I have a wide range of friends and some of them aren’t comfortable with anything but a ‘traditional’ relationship between a man and a woman.

Yes, I know that I shouldn’t care what they think but I do and I value their friendship enough that I don’t have to be out and proud.  Their views won’t stop me sleeping with whoever I want and I won’t impose by sexual choices with them.

Saying that, my sexual promiscuity alone would offend many of my friends and I’m not going to be ‘out and proud’ about that either.

Speedo Sex Kit

Not being ‘out’ I don’t post a whole lot of pics of myself and when I do, I’m a little sneaky about it and probably won’t mention it.

Life changes and you never know, I might meet the man of my life later today and embrace my homosexual side and you guys will stop reading my blog because all I post is pics of myself.

My Speedos

Pic taken May 2013. Aussie Turbo speedos, AussieBum speedos and my white DE Swimwear that kinda blend into the snow.

I hope you enjoy my blog for what it is.  I love reading your comments, particularly if they differ from my opinion.My Speedo Solars

My Speedos

Pic taken Feb 2012 of my speedo collection. Including: AussieBum Portsea, DE Swimwear, black Speedo Brand speedos, Spank speedos.

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