Adam on Friday Night

OK – I did promise I would tell you what Adam and I got upto on Friday night so I better coough up.

I rocked around to Adam’s place around 7:30 and as his house mates were home we went straight to his bedroom – he is str8 acting (like myself) so I don’t think his house mates know he and I are fucking (you could say).

Well there was no foreplay tonight – Adam had been away for a week and I was horny as hell from my week of nothing but work. The second the door was closed we jumped each other. We were both down to our speedos in about 3 seconds and kissing on the bed.

Man I love kissing a guy with both of us just wearing speedos. As you can imagine we were both rock hard!!!

After a very short while of making out Adam asked me if he could fuck me in the arse (this is only our second time together and the first involved oral only). He didn’t have to ask me twice. So got all fours and Adam removed my speedos – I asked him to use lots of lube (it has been a while for me). With his cock tucked out of his speedos and in a condom Adam began rubbing the lube around my arsehole.

Wow – this was pretty hot – Adam was great and he took his time and it didn’t hurt too much. By the time he was fully in and I could feel his pelvic bone against my arse cheeks I came. I wasn’t even touching myself!!!

That is a first for me.

About half a stroke later Adam came as well.

It was quick but man it was hot!!! I put my speedos back on and we had a shower (Adam has an ensuit in his room). We sucked each other and ended up just jerking each other off. After the shower it was kind of time to leave. So much for romance. I think I was home by 9.

Man it was hot though. We planned to meet up on Thursday morning for a morning session – hehehe.

Ow – it is great to finally be having some regular sex!!!!

Hopefully I can get Adam to do a webcam show with me – that would be hot.

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