Anticipation…. I’m getting some dick tonight.

Hehehe – I normally don’t talk that dirty. But I’m rather pumped about tonight guys.

I’m meeting Rob at a quiet bar (we have both promised to wear speedos) then we’ll head back to his hotel – his hotel has a spa (hottub) and sauna, it was also the ‘base’ for the gay ski week down here so they are more open minded than most – not that we’ll be able to fuck infront on 10 guests but we’ll get a little more rope.

Only problem is that a friend of mine is the head manager guy of this hotel – he shouldn’t be working at that hour (he only works during the day being the boss) so should be OK but I’m going to have to be a little careful – hehehe.

And to help you guys get as horny as I am now (although I am restraining myself and not releiving myself – another hour or so and I’ll have to handcuff myself!!!) – here is a pic of a hot stud wearing black speedos for ya.

Black speedos. Gay guys in speedos.

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

2 comments on “Anticipation…. I’m getting some dick tonight.
  1. avi says:

    those totally look painted on.

  2. ExploadedAP says:

    yeh, how the fuck did he squeeze into em.

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