Are these speedo swimmers gay?

I have no idea if these 2 speedo clad swimmers are gay but they are very cute!!!

And I love those arena speedos that guy is wearing.

I’ve just finished writing up about what I did to Will last night with all my new sex toys – I’ve posted it up on ‘my site‘ for my members (its $13 to join if you are interested).  I’ll post it here in a couple of days so keep your eyes peeled.

Gay Swimmers
Gay speedos


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5 comments on “Are these speedo swimmers gay?
  1. andy says:

    the arena is really freakn hot, his ass looks amazing in it, I think I want one!


    Hey Dave!

    The black “ARENA” speedos are awesome!!!. Any idea where I can buy them?
    They are so right for that guy’s bum…tight and round in all the right places.

    I think they might be gay or bi, especially since one is almost fondling his
    cock in front of the other! Keep up the awesome pics!!!

  3. mike says:

    i saw those photos on the gaygames site. they ARE gay…..yay!

  4. Mark says:

    Just saw this and thought you might like it Dave:

  5. Joey says:

    I really hope they are gay. I jerk off thinking about the both of them hitting the showers after a hard swim and imagining them soaping each other down and sucking each other off.

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