Aronik Speedos

I meant to say in yesterdays post about Aronik speedos, if anyone from the company is reading this, I would love to see what a $90 speedo feels like.

Aronik Speedos

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

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3 comments on “Aronik Speedos
  1. Dr. Phil says:

    Isn’t it Aronik–don’tchya think? 😉

    Sorry…could not resist.

  2. samspeedo says:

    Oh dear! And I’ve been resisting saying that, too. Still . . . I hope Dave gets a chance to ‘try out’ one of these speedos.

    Did some website checking on Aronik . . . they’re Columbian but have a distributor based in Salt Lake City . . . now that is interesting: the capital of mormonism in the USA is retailing these speedos! I wonder how many cute mormon boys on missions are wearing an Aronik under their outwardly boring black trousers and no-name underwear?

    The website gallery also shows a well-endowed, blond hunk with long braided hair sporting several different Aroniks on location! Now he’s hot! I’d love to get lost in any jungle with him in his Aronik! I think I’d be tempted to spend the $90 on an Aronik if it got me a night with him! lol

  3. Dave Evans says:


    You guys are a hoot, I love reading your comments!!!

    And you are a wealth of information SamSpeedo.

    I really like the ones pictured in yesterday’s post but I can’t justify $90 for a pair of speedos.


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