Aronik Swimwear

A couple of weeks ago I posted this first pic, I’d never heard of Aronik speedos so I looked them up.

Holy cow, this is a $90 speedo!!!

I thought AussieBum was starting to get too expensive but $90 is just nuts.  I think my Turbo speedos are the most I’ve ever spent on a speedo at about $45.

You can join for just $1 and see 85 hours of speedo movies is you like.

Speedo Bum in Red SpeedosAronikAronik Swim

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7 comments on “Aronik Swimwear
  1. jc87 says:

    Charlie by MZ speedos are $120-150. They seem to be quite popular too

  2. samspeedo says:

    Yeah, I’m thinking that some of these companies are attempting to push their gear into the ‘luxury’ market . . . same materials being used but hoping to suggest, by inflated pricing, that the product is superior (old marketing trick!)

    I love the Aronik style, the pattern and the low cut! Even the model makes ’em look even better! But are they?

    Good old Aussiebum is churning out new swimwear they’re describing as Italian lycra . . . lycra is lycra (wherever it originates!) They’ve got a newer range in neoprene as well. But . . . as you say, Dave, their prices are heading higher and higher.

    Have checked out Charlie/MZ speedos and really can’t see the ‘improvement’ that justifies the awfully higher prices! A bit of ‘gold’ banding? You gotta be joking!

  3. Dave Evans says:


    I hope to have my new line of DE Swimwear out in a couple of months and my goal is to get a speedo that I love at a proper price.


  4. vasy says:

    not my prefer…ciao raggazi

  5. SeattleSpeedoBuff says:

    For your new line of DE Swimwear, do you think they will be lycra or nylon? Im excited to buy a pair and have some fun in them.

  6. Dave Evans says:


    I’m personally a fan of lycra so that will be my first choice. I know they show the wear out quicker but I do like that silky feeling. Maybe down the track I’ll do a nylon version.

    I like the heavy material on Turbo speedos so I’d like to make a version with that kind of material for sure.


  7. Darren says:

    I am not sure I would worry about the cost if I could be with that guy in the first pic, what an ass he is showing, would love to be on top of that.

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