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The beautiful weather continues and today Kip and I headed south and went for a hike this morning.  It was nice and we both got a little colour despite putting sun tan lotion on a couple of times.

Since getting back from our hike we’ve been working away and I have a couple of days with a bunch of work that I would like to get finished – one ‘chore’ is a new full length DVD which takes about 4 hours for me to do which I’ll try tomorrow morning first thing.

Anyway I wanted to share some speedo eye candy with you guys.  This guy is cute, his speedo is perfect and I’d love to know where that beach is.

Is today the first day of summer?

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5 comments on “Average Speedo Guy
  1. beerdoc_colorado says:

    or first day of winter…was up today in high rockies…still alot of snow and no flowers yet. would like to plan a bike ride around dillon lake next month. never done that. nice speedo eye candy.

  2. Ben says:

    Well let’s hope the weather stays nice so you can organise another steamy BBQ and its not only the coals that are gonna be hot 😉

  3. Dave Evans says:


    Last week we rode around the lake – was about 3hrs from Breck down, around clockwise and back. Stopped at some Mexican place in Frisco for margaritas, the Tiki Bar in Dillon for rum runners and the Carla in Summit Cove for some irish wine (aka Jamesons – hehehe).


  4. Dr. Phil says:

    All the photos of this fellow are nice, but I like the first one especially…there’s that bit of ass anatomy, where the muscles divide or something, which can be highlighted by a speedo on a fit guy, and it is done very nicely in that first photo. Mmm!

    Tonight, around 1 AM or so (which will thus be the 21st), is the technical time of the astronomical solstice, so technically the first day of summer is tomorrow, the 21st, in the Northern hemisphere. But, based on the weather in a lot of places (I’m in Vancouver B.C. right now), you wouldn’t know it…

  5. cr says:

    I agree with you Dave, this guy looks like a great guy to hang out with and I find it interesting on how acceptable he is to have his picture taken.

    Summer, ever since that first day, it’s been raining and in the 50’s/60’s, but I’m grilling anyway!

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