Back to my New Years 3some

Back to it guys. If you haven’t read the start of this experience of mine scroll down a bit and you’ll find it.

Here we go….

As Matt was between my legs he got the idea that I enjoy having my arsehole played with. This guy has obviously had a few guy/guy experiences and he broke off sucking my cock to tell Julie to take his place on my cock.

At first I was disappointed… Julie is a really hot chick and I reckon she has had her share of dick but so far I haven’t found a girl who can work my cock like a guy can.

My disappointment was short lived.

As Julie moved towards me – one hand still rubbing herself under that tiny black g-string – Matt slipped lower in the water and with one hand on my leg, one hand rubbing my balls it left his tongue to work on my arsehole. At the same moment Julie moved in from the side and started sucking my cock with her breasts resting on my right thigh.

Up until that moment I had been enjoying myself without that deep feeling that I was about to cum…. With Matt licking my arsehole while rubbing my balls and Julie doing her best to suck my cock (that is harsh) I was immediately on the edge of cumming.

And I was over that edge about 30 seconds later.

I came and I came and I came. Julie doesn’t miss a beat and she swallowed the entire load. Matt kept working on my arsehole the whole time.

I sank back into the hot tub absolutely spent!!!!

Matt told me that he could tell I was cumming as my arsehole tensed.

Now it was Matt’s turn…..

The final chapter of this is cumming tomorrow guys. I am just about to put the final part of this story on my site and if you like this story you can read more on there. It is a pay site and it is what helps me pay rent so I really appreciate any support you guys can offer.

Cya tomorrow.

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2 comments on “Back to my New Years 3some
  1. ZIPPY says:

    Man you are making me totally horny, gr8 site, gr8 ‘package’! I want more!

    Vancouver BC

  2. ten and cut says:

    very hot story. teh perfect blend of all the right stuff. There is nothing hotter than speedo sex!

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