Back to normal.

Hey guys – from the feedback I’m getting sounds like you guys enjoyed my experience with Dean as much as I did.

Well I made it back from my free trip to the heli lodge. Was amazing to see how the ‘other side’ live. The snowboarding was amazing, the location was amazing, the staff were amazing and the other guests were amazing. But if the trip wasn’t a freebe for me I’d never be able to afford it – but maybe one day.

Back at home now and back to the grind. Hit the hot tub this arvo but there were people in it so I wasn’t game enuf to drop down to my speedos.

I’ve been talking to a new speedo/swimmear company in Oz (they approached me) at looking at doing a promotion here. Will be finalised later this week (no it isn’t AussieBum – I asked them and they didn’t reply to my emails). I’m sure these new guys are going to offer some ‘samples’ to readers.

I’m thinking I’ll post some more pics in the next couple of days – here is an offer guys….

Email me (email is on the right – or davespeedoevans at hotmail dot com) a pic of you in your speedos with “” in the picture somewhere (either the site or write that on you) and if I can publish the foto I’ll give you a months free membership to my site.

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

Let me know what you are thinking.....