Back to present tense

OK everyone – we are back to present tense now. It is about 3 weeks after my threesome. I had originally intented to write about my travels from Canada to New Zealand but well I wrote too much on the MMF threesome so – ow well.

I moved into my new place 3 days ago and it is wicked. Had a quiet night tonight with 2 of my old ski patrol buddies and it is now 3am – I’m reasonably pissed but not stupid pissed.

No real work just yet so I’m kinda cruising and will be bludging on some of my relatives (got some relies about 2hrs drive from here).

And if there are any sugar daddies in NZ’s South Island over the next month be sure to let me know – hehehe – just joking.

Well – I thought I should post and set the tune for the next month – I’m guessing no real ‘action’ until the new ski season gets under way.

More tomorrow I’m sure.

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