Been for a run and feel good

Well spent the morning working today and went for a huge 2hr run – just got back. I feel sooooo good afterwards and I should definitely do it a bit more.

Bath is running and since I had no other underwear for my run I am wearing a pair of black classic aussiebums which I’ll enjoy my bath in :). If I only had someone else to take a foto I would and post it here but the self pics I’ve tried to take just don’t come out at all – although that gets me thinking… maybe I could set the webcam up one day – ow that is a good idea.

And this morning my site is back and accepting memberships. So hopefully all the people who had joined it before drop in and visit and join again so that I can afford next months rent. Maybe even a bottle of rum for me as well would be nice – so short of money now that cannot afford ANY alcohol at all. I know I’ve said this before and always found $50 somewhere but not anymore.

Last night I was invited to a game of pool (billiards) but would have been expected to take along a bottle of Scotch or something so had to pike on it – definitely a rarety (is that how you spell that – rarity maybe?). But all is good now.

OK bath is filling up quick – gotta go.

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2 comments on “Been for a run and feel good
  1. gazza says:

    well *i* like taking photos! 😉

  2. Administrator says:

    Gazza – thanks for the offer mate – next time I’m up in Christchurch I might have to take you up on the offer.

    Hey – when I was up boarding yesterday saw all the celebs out in force for the winter festival – that Lana Cocroft woman and the guy who was the annoucer for Dancing with the Stars.

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