BiBoarder – Grindr Username

Last night was awesome!!!

After my awesome steak BiBoarder arrived.  I answered the door wearing a pair of boardies, my black speedos underneath and nothing else.

BiBoarder (I’ll refer to him by his Grindr username) looked just as hot as the pics that we had shared, real athletic look, short brown hair and about my height.  I offered BiBoarder a drink and as I was in the kitchen grabbing a couple of beers I turned around to see BiBoarder in nothing but his blue nike speedos.

An hour later we returned to the kitchen, I was wearing the blue nike speedos and BiBoarder was wearing my black ADIDAS speedos.  The beers on the bench were warm so I grabbed two cold ones out of the fridge and we hit the hottub.

Gay Couple in SpeedosGay Couple

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

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2 comments on “BiBoarder – Grindr Username
  1. lvguy says:

    Sounds like a hot time. Details?

  2. beerdoc_colorado says:

    Picture #1 looks the same as the big bratwurst I BBQ on the grill. and I ate the whole thing. I like the blue suits.

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