Big Weekend

How was your weekend guys?

I suppose the weekend isn’t over for everyone, Monday morning here but I’m watching a feed of the Denver Broncos game which I’m pretty sure is live.

My new Grindr profile didn’t result in any ‘booty’ but I had a great night out on Friday and have 2 potential girls to take out this week, one has already texted me so we’ll see how that works out this week.

Today it is a little grey out there right now so I think I’m going to settle into a productive Monday, particularly since I didn’t get much work done over the weekend.

So my question for today – when packing your speedos, are you cock up or cock down?

Cock Down in Speedo

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7 comments on “Big Weekend
  1. Dr. Phil says:

    While I think the general rule of “cock-up for growers, cock-down for showers” is a good one to keep in mind, it all also depends on the cut of the speedo in question. Those that are low-rise often don’t easily allow cock-up; and those that have a center seam in the front or some other type of pieced pouch often take cock-up better and more naturally as well; whereas some others just seem to work better with cock-down due to how they are cut.

    More and more fashionable male underwear these days seems to presume cock-down, for some strange reason, but there you go…!

  2. Dave Evans says:

    Dr. Phil,

    I’m not surprised that you were the first to reply.

    I love your comment, cock up for growers, cock down for showers. When I was in swim class in high school, the guys with big cocks on the slack were always down pointers.

    You guys know, I’m not in any way hung, on the slack and in cold water….. lordy lord.

    I’m an upper, and to the right. When I jerk off I pull my cock out the right side of my speedo.

    I’ll let Dr. Phil take the next topic on that one.

    Great to hear from you Doc…. hope you are doing well mate.


  3. DeepKisser says:

    Cock down, didn’t really think of it as a grower or shower thing, but that makes sense, I’m 6.5″ and thick and most people notice. Which is a nice thing.

  4. Spear says:

    It’s more about what feels good at the moment. Cock up if I’m looking about, cock down if there are a lot of people at the beach or wherever. Sometimes getting out of the water, it’s cock to the side and a bit boned if the water isn’t too cold.

  5. john dee says:

    Mine is down and to the left , not that well blessed but when hard I do get noticed 😉

  6. k1speedo says:

    I’m like you Dave, cock up but mostly to the left. Sometimes I go to the right which feels kind of sexy for a change. I agree with Dr Phil, it does depend on what style of speedo I’m wearing.

    Sometimes I will wear a cock ring under my speedos in which case I’m always cock down, cos it just look bigger.

    The guy in the pic looks great in his green speedo with his cock ‘up’ and a nice speedo tan showing.

  7. darren says:

    I am a cock down guy as I wear a cock ring under a g-string all the time and this shows a great bulge.

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