Bisexual Night Out

It is Sunday night in Queenstown and Will and I are going out on the prowl….

I’ve been showing him through my new site ( and after spending the morning watching half of the movies on the site (I can’t watch them all in 1 sitting) Will suggested that the two of us go out and try and pick up chicks.

I don’t like picking up chicks – way too much hassle when all I really want is sex – guys are so much simpler and most of the time guys are better at telling me what they want once the sex begins which makes it a much more fun activity for all involved – hehehe.

But picking up chicks with Will…. now that is a sport that I can learn to enjoy.

I have absolutely no idea what our chances are of finding a girl who wants to spend hours apon hours fucking 2 very horny bisexual aussie men but I’ll be able to tell you tomorrow.  All my str8 mates keep telling me how many hot women there are in town – I just haven’t seen them yet I suppose.

In the spirit of the evening – here are some pics from  I have about 5 or 6 different fotos shoots of these 3 and they are my 2nd favourite bisexual tri right now. There is a full preview gallery of these guys playing on the site.

Bisexual 3some
Bisexual Double Suck
Bisexual Night Out

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2 comments on “Bisexual Night Out
  1. geez dave. u make we gay boys wanna test of the bi thing. hmmm.

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