Bisexual Speedo Experiences

Today I’m spending the entire day working.  Accommodation in Queenstown is expensive and I need to get my finger out (out of Will’s butt hole that is).  I’m working on a brand new website which will be part of ‘my site‘ and it is going to be a bisexual pay site.  All the bisexual sites that I’ve found focus on 2 girls being bisexual – I’m more interested in 2 guys being bisexual.

The site is a ways off but I’m organising some content and I came across these pics – I think I’ve already posted some of them but they are hot enuf to post again I think.  Speedos being involved make it very very hot.

What would you guys want in a bisexual website?

Bisexual MMF

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I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

9 comments on “Bisexual Speedo Experiences
  1. tomcat says:

    Dave — wish you well in all that you do. Interesting development — what’s the particular niche that you’ve identified here, apart from the insatiable slit between the young lady’s legs? Is it that MFM offers a particularly glamorous and tasteful way for two young studs to take each other to heaven? If so, I thoroughly approve, and hope it really takes off…

  2. Dave Evans says:


    Thanks for the encouragement mate.

    The whole MFM thing has always been a favourite of mine (not as fun as MMM of course). And it was MFM that got my mouth onto Will’s cock 12 months ago.

    I’ll let you guys know how I go with it.


  3. Anonymous says:

    more mmf ive had the expereince once arse full of cock mouth full of pussy

  4. matt says:

    im bi sexual and think this is a great idea good luck wiv the project

  5. tomcat says:

    If you’re looking for a title, I suggest “Str8 Guys Count Double”. It seems to me that the one really useful function of a pretty young woman is as a striking arm-candy fashion accessory for a young stud’s well-organised basket, making him look even better in the eyes of other GUYS… And if sexy boys who can’t be bothered with all the political hassle of coming out sensibly prefer to use their female hangers-on as bargaining chips, then who can blame them?

    The important thing is that sexually aware young men should take any route they can to unlock each other’s m4m sexual demons, and transform them into angels — and if that has to be via pussy, then it can be a very tasteful, stylish and elegant route that lends itself very well to intimate pics. Of course, it’s a two-way street — if she, through her endless quest to get really well fucked, chooses to sample alternative cock by raising the possibility of MFM with her boyfriend, then she can’t complain if he pushes the selection of a third party towards the guy that HE wants.

    The way I see it, the world would work best with mf couples at the surface, conventional level, but with it understood that each could develop truly electrifying same-sex relationships without it ever being openly discussed or anyone making a fuss about it. Should the ladies wish to lick each other’s pussies, good luck to them. The internet is doing a lot to hasten the separation of the sexes, and your new site should make a valuable contribution!

  6. steve says:

    Hey, im bisexual, but i love giving a guy a nice blowjob, i love to wrap my tounge around a juciy cock
    i dont know about u guys,but when i give a guy a fuck in the ass i love to finger a girl also.
    one time, i was giving this guy a blowjob in a bathoom, and i sucked his 11 inches so long and hard that i got an erection, and i blew my load before him

  7. josechu says:

    en ese trio falto yo, en vez de la mujer deberia estar yo. Me habeis puesto demasiado caliente

  8. Sam says:

    I think you’ve got the right formula, my girlfriends would kill me for saying that as they obviously want to see more girl action. For me though I always like to see a good hard juicy cock being pleasured the way only a man knows!

    As for the girls being ‘female hangers-on’, that’s true to some extent but it goes both ways. I will use my girlfriends to set up threesomes MFM but equally the girls will use me to set up a FMF session. We always respect each other and I allow her to get most of the girl girl action and likewise she leaves me to the men or at least allows me to ‘get the cream’!

    Looks like a great site in the making! (Free membership to those who responded to this perhaps?) :o)

  9. justlooking says:

    i have a thing for twinks, so teens/early 20s would be ideal. otherwise, you should have LOTS of it, and probably get into doing more and more original content. maybe start a studio??

    good luck with it though, i know i’ll be back to see how its *ahem* cumming.

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