Black and Red speedos – together

I really love red speedos but I think that almost everyone has owned a pair of black speedos at one time or another and black speedos are a little more discrete compared to red.  So right now I’m leaning towards running a black speedo range but I’m keen to hear from you guys what you think – and I love it when a post has a few comments.

Here is a movie which is a free download from ‘my site‘ – it is only a short clip but it is one that I’ve personally ‘enjoyed’ many many times.

This clip (screen shots left and below) is one of my favourite short speedo movies. Two hot studs hanging out in the pool in their speedos (one wearing red the other black).

This movie is 9.7meg file size and is 45 seconds long.

The way I download movies is….
1) Right Click on the download link.
2) Then select ‘Save Target As’ from the drop down list.

This method saves to movie file to your computer so you can watch it over and over again and it won’t skip if your net connection is slower.

Click here to download this movie.

And if you like movies like this one – there are over 26hrs of movies at

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2 comments on “Black and Red speedos – together
  1. George Mac says:

    Hey Dave,
    hot movie
    i am personally partial to red speedos
    but black speedos are also pretty hot
    cant wait to see ur new line




    I have downloaded that hot clip and wondering if there is any more footage
    available of that movie??? Its so HOT.

    And I love the pic of the guy showing his cute bum in the
    next article!! ROBBIE!!

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