Black speedo – one of the best speedo pics I’ve seen

I saw this black speedo photo this morning and I just had to share it with all you speedo fanatics out there.  This guy is very cute and looks smokin’ hot in his black speedo.

Today is Sunday here and I’ve been working for the last couple of hrs but it is a beautiful day so I will get outside and do something – although I’m not quite sure yet.  If I had a speedo buddy on tap then I could think of a few naughty things to do outside…..

Here is that cutie in a black speedo – enjoy your weekend guys.

Black speedo

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4 comments on “Black speedo – one of the best speedo pics I’ve seen
  1. Iain Scott says:

    Hot pic that! Kind of like a guy in the swimming baths at the urinal just about to pull his chopper out for a hot piss!!!! I like to ‘hung’ around the showers and toilets of the local pool. When a nice pair of swimtrunks appears I like to check the guy wearing them out. turns me on hugely – crazy for swimwear! I’m ‘speedo_tube’ on gaydar if anybody wants to meat at their local pool….

  2. Anonymous says:

    i’d like to do the rearanging on this spunk like to see what’s underneith

  3. George says:

    No wonder Speedo made you change. You call anything Speedo! Only Genuine Speedos are Speedos, everything is just a pissy copy!
    Speedo became Speedo in 1928, an Australian Company, but the company had been trading as a 100% Aussie company since 1914.
    I support Speedo in any action to maintain the integrity of their registered name, a name they have had since 1928!
    None of the pics in your article are Speedos – not one!

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