Black Speedos – Simple Perfection

Today I went for a swim with Alex.  I’ve been a little slack lately but the weather has been great and with Kip here we’ve been doing some adventures on the beach instead.  We swam 2.5kms which was good but I really noticed having a few weeks off.  My arms are dead.

Both of us were wearing black speedos today, Alex a pair of black AussieBum classic and me a pair of black Arena speedos.  Yeah we looked pretty hot.

There are lots of pics of guys wearing black speedos out there and I thought I’d find some of my favourite pics for you guys.

Black Arena SpeedoBlack SpeedoBlack AussieBumBlack Speedo on Cute Guy

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3 comments on “Black Speedos – Simple Perfection
  1. Dr. Phil says:

    This is an exquisite collection, Dave–though I have seen #4 before, and I think of this group he’d be my least favorite…that is the definition of a “shit-eating grin,” I think 😉

  2. Dave Evans says:

    I love that 4th guy, he is on the homepage of

    Some good looking guys in this post.


  3. samspeedo says:

    Agree, Dave! Just love the first guy . . . awesome body, nice bulge, great speedos!

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