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Couple of house keeping things to start today’s blog post.

There have been a couple of new members in the last day or so, when your PayPal address is different to your login address it some times screws it up. It is easy for Kip or I to reset it but I’m careful emailing people from different address for discretion purposes.  If you have joined using PayPal and cannot login, please email me so I can fix it for you.  My email is

On the right hand navigation bar I’ve added a bit of a General Update blurb.  My idea on this just to keep a general overview of where I am and who I’m having fun with in speedos lately. What do you guys think about it?  Should I have more detail like even have a full page listing what I’m up to or less detail? Please leave a comment if you have any thoughts.

This weekend there will be a new movie of the week which I think is pretty hot – remember, members get to watch all of the movies of the week which is growing.  I hand pick these movies from the archives of so it is the hottest of the hot speedo porn.

OK, it is kind of grey but I’m going for a swim anyway just to get out of the house, then it is back to creating the best speedo porn for your enjoyment – hahaha.

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

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