Boys road trip – hot tub fun

This morning Brad, Henry and myself have been sleeping in a bit.  I’m up and I thought I’d post before the fellas get up and we head out riding before cruising home this afternoon.

Wet speedoFirst let me tell you about Monday’s hottub session…..

The hotel (and the entire town) is really quiet now that the holidays are over.  So heading down to the hot tub the three of us were wearing boardies over our 3 identical pairs of white DE Swimwear (click here to see what they look like).  Normally I would just wear the speedos BUT these new speedos of mine are SUPER SUPER see through when they are wet.

The pool complex in this hotel is one of the most amazing I’ve ever seen!!!  There was a 30m pool, 2 hot tubs, sauna and a mens and ladies steam room. 

I LOVE STEAM ROOMS. It was actually a steam room threesome that got me started writing this blog – click here to see those posts.

Shit I am running out of time so I’ll try and make this quick.

The three of us were a little nervous getting down to our super see through white speedos but I lead the charged and dropped my boardies and jumped in the hot tub.  The hot tub wasn’t really that hot and I was keen for the steam room so the three of us got up and moved – the steam room was in the mens bathroom (which was amazing – it was like a rich persons bathroom – HUGE,  free shampoo, razors, soft towels, even aftershave).

The steam room was big enuf for all three of us to lie down on the tile benches and we could hear just enuf if someone else entered the bathroom – are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Sorry guys I’ve got to fly – the boys are up and we are heading out riding.  I should be home late tonight so I’ll try and finish this story when I get home.

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3 comments on “Boys road trip – hot tub fun
  1. Scott says:

    Hey. I was just wondering what hotel this is cause it sounds awesome.
    I live in Calgary, and so I’m thinking about a trip to the Vancouver area sometime soon.
    So yeah what hotel has that awesome swimming pool set up?
    I’m a swimming and love speedos, and can’t wait for that 1″ white speedo of yours.


  2. Dave Evans says:

    Scott – the hotel is in Sun Peaks – nearest town is Kamloops. Drop me an email and I’ll give you the hotel name.

  3. chris daughtry says:

    Holy shit you look HOT!

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