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The inside goss on me – hehehe. Just personal crap I suppose.

AussieBum Selfies

Today I was going through some of my speedo selfies and found some that were taken on a trip down to Sydney a few months ago. Yes, it was a naughty hookup and it all started in the hottub.  I

Guess what he wears at the beach….

In my experience, speedo have many benefits: I’ve made a business out it – that is pretty cool. I’ve had a lot of sex from wearing speedos – the easiest example I can give is the Married Guy.  He noticed

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Twitter Porn

As of writing this blog post, I am one short of 2,000 Twitter followers.  It has been a long journey and to be honest, I don’t completely understand Twitter. When I first signed up I followed some of the celebrities

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Coach is Cumming Over

Sunday morning here on the Central New South Wales Coast (that is 90 minutes north of Sydney for those of you who aren’t familiar with where I am).  It is a gorgeous looking morning as I sit here in my

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Swimwear or Underwear?

Is this guy wearing speedos or underwear?  Just before I typed that, I noticed that it says ‘Swimwear’ on the waistband but they do look a little in between. A pet hate of mine is seeing any guy going swimming

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