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These are boring posts – day to day stuff.

Thong Bomb

I still haven’t found a thong that I want to buy…. any suggestions? Currently I have one thong (I promise I’ll get some selfies for you guys in the next couple of weeks) but it doesn’t have a drawstring so

Dork Shorts Suck

Today at the pool I was just getting out when I saw some guy get in with goggles (so he was lap swimming) with a pair of dork shorts that went much lower than his knees.  He looked stupid!!! I

Swimming in Colorado

Today I went to the pool here in Breckenridge which is walking distance from Kip’s place.  As usual, I was the only guy in a speedo despite the pool being full of people lap swimming/training.  There were mostly jammers, some

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I am publishing this post as I sit on the train from Gosford to Sydney International Airport…. I’m headed to my server admin Kip’s place in Breckenridge for a few weeks of snowboarding, hottubing and fucking in hottubs.  I am


Years ago I knew a girl who loved fucking me with a strap on.  We never had a threesome with an extra guy but she loved the fact that I would let her fuck me. It came up in conversation

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