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These are boring posts – day to day stuff.

Cute Blonde at the Pool

I’m back at the pool here in Aussie and it is colder than the pool in London – who would have ever thought I’d be saying that!!! There were some pretty hot chicks at the pool in London, particularly when

What do you guys think?

Yes, I am still in Colorado at Kip’s place.  I kinda want to get home but we have both been working our arses off on a bunch of work stuff which we do both enjoy. This place has had a

I’m the Anniversary Present….

There is a couple on the Speedo Forum ( who have posted some great pics over the years.  I’ve spoken with them briefly, mostly me just complimenting them on their photos.  On the forum they go by Penny and Pat

Sydney Speedo Day

Yesterday turned out to be a sensational day, when I left the condo it was cold and I was regretting my decision to speedo it up but once I got in the water it wasn’t too bad.  The Charlton pool

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Lazy Speedo Sunday

What did you guys get up to this weekend? Just a quiet one here which was nice.  After a morning surf with the boys I’ve spent the entire day wearing speedos.  I went for a dip just on sunset and

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