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These are the posts that involve naughty things – hehehhee.

My Go-To Threesome Position

This is my favourite threesome position. My first threesome (click here to read about that) didn’t involve this position, it was a few years later I think when I tried this but now it is my go-to threesome position. I

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What is it about speedos?

Speedos have been a big part of my sex life. Growing up I would get an erection when I put a pair of speedos on and felt the lycra against my cock.  My first gay sexual experiences involved speedos as

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No Speedo Surf

I’m up early and thought I’d check in with you guys before the boys arrive for our Sunday morning surf. It just feels cold out there!!! I’d love it if my saying “Today I have to surf in a wetsuit

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Pink Thong Thursday

When I saw this photo I thought you guys might want me to share it with you…. you like? That looks like a hotel pool…. just imagine walking in there and seeing that view!!!

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Hawaii Speedo Student

The Hawaii Speedo Student made headlines back in 2010 when he posed for photos at his college wearing speedos.  It was in Hawaii (hence Hawaii Speedo Student).  He looked fantastic in his speedos but I think what got him in

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