Category: Bisexual Experiences

These are my bisexual experiences – pretty obvious I know.

Alex Ropped into a Threesome

For those of you who follow my blog will know all about Alex, but for those of those of you who don’t, let me give you a quick run down of how we became fuck buddies. I live in this

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Two Threesomes to Report

I know I’ve been slack posting over the last couple of weeks.  Kip and I have been super busy and when I’m busy I’m not usually having as many naughty experiences to share with you guys. That all changed this

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Can you guess whose cock this is?

Have you ever played “guess whose cock?” This would be amazing to play with a girlfriend but right now I don’t have a girlfriend so maybe this weekend I could find some guys to play it with?   My old

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Do you know what the word ‘pegging’ means? I have to admit that it is kind of new to my vocabulary.  Over the weekend a bunch of us were playing Cards Against Humanity and one of the girls there had

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Hot Speedo Couple

I hope you guys forgive me but a hot couple in speedos is kind of on my mind right now…..  that is after what happened last week. These are some pics that were emailed through to me and I think

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