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Thong Man

Happy Thong Thursday guys. Just a quick post as I am writing up what happened at Masters Swimming on Tuesday evening.  It was really fucking hot.  If you don’t see it tomorrow, it is because it will be available to

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Thong with a VPL

Happy Thong Thursday everyone!!! When I saw this photo I thought it would be perfect, I mean you can see 90% of his butt because of the thong, and 90% of his cock from the VPL!!! To be honest, I

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Thong with Attitude

Happy Thong Thursday guys, I love the saucy attitude these thong guys have – keep it up boys!!!

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Elon Musk Loves Thongs

Does anyone else think that the Tesla logo looks like the behind view of a guy wearing a thong? Could Elon Musk be a secret thong enthusiast?

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Perfect Butt for a Thong

Happy Thong Thursday guys!!! Every since I started doing these Thong Thursday blog posts it was motivated me to wear my black thong more – I trust you are thonging it up today?!?!?! How tastey is this guy?  What a

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