Colorado Speedo Fun

I will be sharing more details of what I got up to in Vegas but right now I’m getting in a couple of days with Kip in Colorado.

The members area here has been playing up for some members (not all) so Kip and I need to work on it which is what we are doing tonight and over the weekend.  I’ll be posting a little bit more about that and emailing all the current and past members personally to make sure they are able to login and if they weren’t I’ll give them membership to make up for it.

Thanks for your patience everyone.

We are just about to duck out of the office for a few hours, Kip has a little road trip to a swimming hole planned.  He has never been there, I’ve never heard of it but from the photos it looks gorgeous.

Kip gets a little bit speedo shy so if there are a bunch of people there I’m not too confident he will speedo it up but you guys know that I’ll be ditching the dork shorts and speedo’ing it up and being proud of it.

Has anyone else been down to these?

Paradise CoveCliff Jumping in ColoradoParadise Cove - Colorado

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2 comments on “Colorado Speedo Fun
  1. phltanner says:

    Where is this one? We were in Colorado last week on our vacation. Passed through Kremmling, but no time for a side trip to Radium hot spring.

    Spent the night in Steamboat. Wife, son & I went to Old Town Hot Springs Sunday night. After 8 it’s half-price and less crowded. Got laps in the empty swimming pool. Spring pools were not hot, but apparently that’s unusual. Only one in a speedo – Tyr navy racer, but that never bothers me – a couple sideways glances.

    Would have beena good full moon night to go to Strawberry Hot Springs, about 20 min from STeamboat. It’s rustic/natural, AND swimsuit optional after sundown!!! You or Kip been to that one?

  2. JT,

    That wasn’t actual hot springs, it was a cove south of Breckenridge called Paradise Cove (Guffey Cove as well). It was an absolute blast, highest cliff jumps I’ve ever done and there were guys going twice as big.

    Radium is my favourite for sure, I’ve never been to that pool in Steamboat though, I will definitely check it out next time I’m in the neighbourhood.


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