Commander in Chief Files

This TV show (I’m told it is ABC on Tuesday nights??) had a scene this week of a swim team in their speedos and square cuts.

Thanks to Danny – Speedo Fantasy Board frequenter for emailing me the files which you can download.

File 1 – CIC Video (5.3meg) – WMV Format
Best way to download is to right click on that link and then select ‘Save Target As’. This will save it to your hard drive so you can watch it over and over again.

File 2 – Photos Zipped
Just click on this link to download and there are some great pics in there.

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One comment on “Commander in Chief Files
  1. Tim says:

    Man, thanks for posting, I just ran across your blgo the other day. it’s great, I love speedos as well. I tuned in the show just for that scene and it was pretty good. Keep up the good work

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