Continuation of my speedo story.

Well kinda obvious that I wasn’t going to be in a state to post yesterday – hehehe. And as usual when I’m hung over I ended up wanking like 4 times!!!

OK I better get back to my story of my first real speedo sex experience. I’ve written 3 parts of this story already and here are the links to those parts (part 1, part 2 and part 3).

OK back to it.

I was at the point where Michael has just begun sucking me off and I was standing shoulder to shoulder with my school buddy Mark. All three of us were still wearing our speedos (I was wearing a pair of red speedos). This was the first time I had ever really kissed a guy before and it was hot indeed. Mark and I were fondling each others arse and kissing while Michael sucked my cock and stoked Marks.

Understandably, it was going to be long before I blew my load. I broke off the kiss with Mark and I gave Michael a warning that was I was about to cum. He pulled off and stoked me through my orgasm as I cummed all over his chest. Without missing a beat (literally) Michael swapped to sucking Mark again. Mark took abou t10 seconds before he was cumming all over Michaels chest.

As Mark and I sat on the couch tucking out softening cocks into our speedos the sight of Michael covered in 2 big loads of cum was pretty hot.

From there we decided to move into the shower. As neither Mark or I had sucked cock before we had a bit of practice on Michael but ended up giving him a couple of hand jobs.

After the shower we went for a swim in our speedos and Michael ended up leaving. No word of this ‘chick’ that was the reason for us getting down to our speedos in the lounge was mentioned of again and I think it was a bit of a plan on the guys part to get it on. And I’m definitely not arguing.

The next day Mark and I practiced our blow job skills a bit more. For the next 3 months until we finished high school we got a fair bit of practice in actually – hehehehe.

Well there you go guys – that is the story of my first real gay sexual experience. I had some jacking off in the showers with some guys but nothing like that. Last I heard Mark was still at uni in Perth – would be fun to catch up. Maybe he might read this blog – hehehe.

OK guys – I’ve off for a run.

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