Could you handle this?

If I was either of these guys this scenario would 100% result in sex.

Even if we were in public, I would whisper to the guy rubbing me (or if I was the guy doing the rubbing) some naughty things that we were going to do in our speedos afterwards.

Could you guys do this without there being sex involved?

Maybe it is just me and my speedo fetish that I can’t separate speedos with sex.

I wonder how this is going to effect how Alex and I get along considering I’ll be seeing him a couple of times a week in his speedos?

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2 comments on “Could you handle this?
  1. Randy says:

    If I was the guy in the white Adidas speedo, my erection would be tearing at them just from LOOKING at that hot twink in the black Adidas speedos. BOING!

  2. Dave Evans says:


    You know how much I love ADIDAS speedos too mate.

    I’ve never seen/found a pair of white adidas speedos – I might post about this and see if I can find some.


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