Couple of days off

Hey guys – sorry to leave you hanging on my story with Dean but I’ve been invited to a heli lodge for 3 days. Some old guy I rode with last year is at a lodge near by and called me tonight saying that the guides are crap and he wants to ride with me.

Wow this is super kewl as it is like $400 a night at these places and this guy will cover my cost if I can get to the base heli pad. I’ve organised in the last hour to borrow a friends car to get down there and should be good. The old guy is kewl (won’t mention his name) and nothing hanky panky I just met him a couple of years back and whenever he is up I try and ride with him as much as I can.

Goes to show guys – good karma!!! Hehehehe. I’ll be taking my laptop and I’m guessing we’ll have some kind of net access so I’ll finish telling you what happened with Dean. And I’ll be sure to tell you about this Heli Skiing Lodge and how the ‘other half live’.

Sorry to leave you hanging guys – I promise as soon as I can I’ll finish telling you what happened.

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