Dave got some dick… finally

Just a quick post about last night to keep you guys in the loop.

Mike came over and we did a lot of speedo grabbing in the hot tub….

Speedo grabbing

We did a lot of kissing…..

Guys kissing

Gay kissing

And then we played with each others cocks for what seemed like HOURS!!!

Gay couple

I’m in a super hurry but I’ll try and tell you guys all about it later tonight.  I’m going to have a quiet night watching the box and eating pizza I think.

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

11 comments on “Dave got some dick… finally
  1. tomcat says:

    Great to hear that you found sex after several days’ abstinence — looking forward to the time that you date a guy who knows exactly who you are because of this site, and really teases the cock showing through your speedo before putting out…

  2. adam says:


  3. Dave Evans says:


    Hooking up with a guy I met through this site would be fantastic mate – defintely something that I would be keen for I can tell you.


  4. Anonymous says:

    that guy in the first picture is damn sexy!

  5. Gay and Proud says:

    damn but i love reading the blogs on your site, i only recently discovered it but
    i’m liking it alot!! it’s like watching a soap, only so much better, i feel so involved
    because i identify so much with the content on your site – having wild, random (safe) sex
    with every hotty that “cums” my way!!so proud of you, keep it up – both the boldness
    and the sex…

    ps. who could ever blame you for fucking these gorgeous hunks depicted on your site, if
    they ever crossed my way, they’d sure have a back-ache the next morning – ill fuck them
    all night long.

  6. Anonymous says:

    i’m alone and stroaking my hard cock over these pics fuck they make me horny

  7. trinishotta says:

    wow i find those guys smokin hott and im not even gay lol. i have always wondered wat gay sex would be like lol

  8. Dale Arlon says:

    This is the way men should be. Too bad society has so many hang-ups. I love cock.

  9. Dale Arlon says:

    Oh my. The guy in the blue speedo. I wish I could suck his asshole clean.

  10. me! says:

    thats a douglas adams quote!
    from hitchhikers!

  11. Anonymous says:

    this is so hot……

    imabout to cum

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