Day without a post

Well I didn’t post yesterday because it was a huge day. Ended up going on a huge hike up one of the mountains just out of town. A guy I had met last year was heading out and some of his friends.

Hike was pretty good and I definitely need to loose some weight and get fitter (I suppose they go hand in hand). Wasn’t a huge group but there were about 10 of us – 3 were chicks and the rest guys. They were all a little older than myself and all pretty outgoing and looking forward to the coming ski season.

After the hike we drove back into town and dropped into one of the local pubs and were shooting some pool and some darts over a few beers. Having nothing (other than work on the site) to do today I was happy to stay around till late but slowly people started to drop off.

One of the couples (there were two couples – and one single chick) left and no sooner had they gone and my mate Jeff come over to the pool table and tells me that they are big time swingers!!! Everyone got into the act and was telling me how they had some open relationship going where they would each go out and pick up other people. No mention of the guy being bisexual but it sounds like she really is.

I wanted to fish for more info but nothing much came of it – very interesting though.

Ended up leaving the pub pretty late – around 2am so didn’t get up too early this morning as you can imagine. Nothing much planned for today other than some work but tomorrow night we are habing a BBQ at the other couples (not the swinging couples) place with the same crowd. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep a straight face though.

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