Discretion Required

I was thinking today….. I wonder what my neighbour girls are going to think when Kip moves in?

I wonder what my str8 mates are going to think about it as well.

When I lived at his place in Breckenridge, we both had our own room but we often woke up next to each other.  That isn’t going to be as easy here on the beach…. first off I barely lock any of the doors and my str8 mates drop around all the time.

For example, last Friday I was out grocery shopping late then dropped into one of my buddies folks place so I could fix their email (the high life of a computer nerd).  I didn’t get back home until after 7.  I walked into my house and 3 of my mates are on my couch watching the Super 15 final.  Hahaha.

That is how it is here, Kip and I might have to be a little bit discrete….

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3 comments on “Discretion Required
  1. Paul says:

    Just start locking your door and tell your friends to call first.

    As far as the girls, just have Kip hit on them.

  2. Dave Evans says:


    But I live on the beach, people come in from the front and the back…. just how I like it – haha.


  3. Dr. Phil says:

    Fellow #3 here is superb; but, in the name of all that’s holy, why on earth #2?!? Oh well…

    Tell them all you have a long-term American house guest who is not used to that sort of casual showing-up, who is friendly but kind of neurotic when it comes to that sort of thing, so please respect his boundaries. It should be simple enough to request, and I suspect that in comparison to practically every Aussie, every American is quite neurotic about at least some things, so it will have a ring of truth to it inherently. 🙂

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