Do I have a surprise for you guys

Tonight I have been as horny as I think I have ever been.  That is pretty darn horny.

And there is nobody around to help me release so I had myself a long bath while watching the 3rd Matrix (over the last couple of days I’ve watched all 3 in a row – I had seen the first two but not really in a row).  I was having a bath in my new AussieBum Portsea and I though that perhaps I’d film a bit of a show.

I’ll be uploading the footage tonight while I’m asleep.  The footage will be available on ‘my site‘ but I’ll put some screen shots up here.

Nothing makes you feel more relaxed than a good wank.

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One comment on “Do I have a surprise for you guys
  1. Big Jay says:

    Sounds exciting Dave, I can not wait to see!!

Let me know what you are thinking.....