Do women like speedos?

This question was asked on the forum a couple of days ago and it is something that interests me – although it doesn’t interest me as much as whether or not a guy likes speedos.

The only real female speedo knowledge I have is from the girls in the house right now and the english girls in particular seem to LOVE having us fellas in our speedos.  I understand from reading forums online that this isn’t the case and the bad rep that speedos often get from women. 

I wonder how many str8 guys would wear speedos if they were encouraged by women?

If you guys have any fotos of guys wearing speedos around women leave a comment and I’ll shoot you an email to get a copy.

Women who love speedos.

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

9 comments on “Do women like speedos?
  1. bijock says:

    Women do like the look of a hot guy in speedos. In fact it was my girlfriend who bought me my latest pair of d-squared2 speedos….

  2. Adam says:

    Dave- Don’t you think it’s finally time to show us body shots of you and the housemates so we know this isn’t one big wet dream of yours. Let’s see your bod in the DE speedo. Adam

  3. Tom Cat says:

    Yes I am with Adam – would love to see you in your white speedo 🙂

  4. Dave Evans says:


    As I’m not ‘out’ to my family or the majority of my friends I’m not willing at this point to post pics of myself. I have asked Will if I could take some pics of him and he is in the same boat as myself.

    If this were not a free blog then perhaps I would think about it.

    I hope you respect my decision.

    Feel free to post your own pics though on guys.


  5. don says:

    Really, Dave. Time to whip it out.

  6. Tom Cat says:

    C’mon Dave – you know we all love you – just a body shot would be soooooo good –

    Are you covered in tatts and so a body shot would out you perhaps ?

    Stay hard Dave 🙂

  7. BiSurferGuy says:

    While I love a a fit, smooth guy in speedos, my wife (yes I’m Bi and she knows) likes more of the square cut. She likes tight boxer briefs and prefers a more “cop piece” like buldge rather than the outline of the shaft and balls.

  8. Anonymous says:

    the girls in that pic is very sexy. i wear speedos to show gilrs my package and seeing that pic makes me wan tto shhot my cum on her.

  9. LR says:

    Of course, they’re ogling men down below too much that they get slapped around by their hubby or boyfriend for lusting after some other guy’s body. BTW, the girl in the photo is a player(ette) scoring the guys.

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