Dork Shorts Suck

Today at the pool I was just getting out when I saw some guy get in with goggles (so he was lap swimming) with a pair of dork shorts that went much lower than his knees.  He looked stupid!!!

I walked past him wearing my red AussieBum speedos… looking much better don’t you think?

Dave Evan's Red Speedos

I hope you guys can imagine just how many speedo photos I have gathered over the years.  Photo shoots but also lots of speedo photos around the web.OIn there is a 6,500 photo gallery which is sorted which is amazing.  Then there are the ‘Speedo Photos of the Day‘ as well as everything I’ve posted here.  Last night I was going through some of the old photo archives and decided to create a gallery with pics of guys wearing speedos with guys who are not wearing speedos.

Of course, I think the guys wearing speedos look a lot better and the guys wearing dork shorts…..

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

One comment on “Dork Shorts Suck
  1. rbmcobra says:

    You might as well be swimming in jeans, they look stupid and are not practical at all.

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