End of my story.

Sorry for the delay guys but now I’m going to finish telling you about my day at the beach – click here for the first part.

So where was I – yep Justin has just taken off his boardshorts to reveal his red speedos and a nice semi hard cock. He laid his towel right next to mine and lay on his back with his head now less than a foot away from mine.

Now you guys have to remember that this area of the beach is pretty well known as a place for guys to pick up other guys – it isn’t sleezy or dirty or anything – it is just 4 or more km’s of beach and there are sand dunes with no high rises so if you want to tan in something naughty then this is the only place really to go. And in the past I’ve actually organised to meet some guys that I’ve met online or even in person at this beach.

Justin and I started talking – conversation started on where we were from – Justin was from Brisbane and I explained my long story about living in NZ but coming from Brisbane. Justin is 22yo – I’m 23yo. Justin goes to the uni that I used to go to but doing a different course. Then the conversation moved onto why we were there – I think I started and said that I like a quiet beach with not too many people around (no real mention of speedos just yet – although we were both lying there wearing nothing else). Justin kinda said the same thing so I thought I’d get the ball moving and let him know that I’d had some fun times in these dunes – nothing specific. Justin told me that he had head about this spot from some friends and though he’d try it out.

Then the topic of conversation moved to speedos.

Justin kicked it off (which was a little surprising since I was kind of leading the conversation before then) by asking me what I thought of the AussieBum’s. He noticed the red tag on the side of them. I had been holding back my hardon until then but that was it – talking about speedos next to a hot 22yo guy wearing nothing but a pair of red speedos pushed me over the edge. I was now rock hard – but thankfully I was still on my stomach – I had to adjust a little with my hips but thought that I’d leave rolling over until it was needed – hehehe.

We started talking about speedos and how much we like them. Justin said that he had seen the AussieBum website but hadn’t bought a pair yet – he had never had a pair of nylon speedos and loved the feel of lycra. That was when I offered Justin to have a feel of the nylon that covered my arse. I didn’t have to ask him twice. Not only did Justin get a sample but he went in for the entire meal. He rubbed my arse (through my AussieBum Porsteas – click here to see a photo of them) and ow my GOD IT FELT GOOD!!!!

By now I had noticed that Justin was sporting a full on erection in his red speedos. I told him it was my turn to rub – I got on my knees – and pulled his red speedos down to unleash his rather large circumsized cock. The view before I pulled those speedos down was to die for – his draw string was undone and I could see every outline of his cock through the lycra which was by then stretched to the max.

I took Justin’s cock in my mouth and sucked like crazy – he had been hard for a couple of minutes without any touch so he didn’t last long. Justin came in my mouth and I took it all (it is a matter of pride for me that I never spit). After a quick thank you Justin forced my onto my back and returned the favour. Although Justin wasn’t as experienced as some other people I know it really didn’t matter all that much in the scenario. I was up on my elbows so that I could enjoy the view of Justin’s arse in his red speedos as he pumped my cock with his mouth. I wanted to help him out with his technique and lasted about 5 or 6 minutes before I blew. After cumming I could see Justin didn’t really wanna swallow but after I had already done it he did it. We both laid down on our backs and I pulled a rum out from my backpack for him to ‘wash it back’. Hehehe.

Once we finished the drink that was kinda it – we packed up and left – didn’t kiss or anything and Justin went back to the road where his car was and I went back to the beach to walk home. Was an amazing experience and if any of you guys go to the Gold Coast then shoot me an email and I’ll let you know where to go.

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

3 comments on “End of my story.
  1. French guy says:

    I visit your blog from France, and enjoy it a lot. Thank you for the exciting pics and stories (very useful to improve my english)

  2. jared says:

    I love love love your site. Hot stories!!!

  3. JIMBO says:

    had a very similar experience in the dunes near Herring Cove, Provincetown, Mass,USA some years ago. Met a VWE guy from Maine who was wearing red sppedos. He asked me to apply sunscreen, it was a hot June day, and soon we were (literally) into each other. Soon there were several other guys around us, all jerking off and two of them creamed all over us! After all that a dip in the (very cool Atlantic was most welcome!

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