Erotic Speedo Story

Been super busy this week so I thought today I’d post a story that I wrote a couple of years ago. This is a fantasty of mine – never done it yet but hey, let me know if you can accommodate it…. hehehe.

I hear that a particular house is going to be vacant for a couple of weeks (some friends tell me). The owner is a young gay/bi guy and has a nice pool out the back, which is very private.

One day it’s really hot so I decide to take advantage of this vacancy and decide to go for a swim. I’m really careful as I approach because I don’t want to get in trouble for breaking and entering or anything – I just want to go for a swim.

I jump the fence to the back yard and find the pool, which looks amazing. The crystal blue water is dead calm and you can’t imagine how inviting it looks as the sweat drips from my brow.

In my bag I’ve got a towel, a bottle of Rum and a bottle of coke (for the Rum). I’m wearing a pair of old cargo pants, a dark blue singlet, baseball cap and my red speedos.

I feel the water with the tip of my big toe – ow yeah… the water temp is perfect. Not too cold but refreshing enough to make it worthwhile. I take off my shirt and sit on one of the deck chairs and pour myself a rum.

As I down my first rum I look down at my red speedos just visible over the top of my cargos and after pouring another rum I take off my cargos. The freedom of speedos is an amazing feeling. The chair on my butt and my now growing hard-on (which happens every time I put a pair of speedos on anyway). I sit and enjoy my second rum and I start rubbing my now rock hard erection through my speedos. I think its time for a swim so I jump into the pool. I spend probably an hour just cooling off in the pool, polishing off another couple of drinks and I’m feeling quite mellow.

Then, all of a sudden I hear people inside the house!!! What can I do? The pool is in the middle of the backyard – although the neighbours can’t see into the backyard because of the trees the house looks right out at the pool.

I hide on the edge of the pool closest to the house and keep low below the edge of the pool. Then I see all my stuff on the table; bag, towel, half empty bottle of rum. What are the owners going to think? I don’t even know these people – never even met them and here I am in their pool in my skimpy red speedos half drunk!!! Well it didn’t take long before I head the house door open to the backyard and I head people’s voices for the first time.

“Your right Troy, looks like someone has been here.” I heard.

What could I do now – there was no exit so I might as well start back pedaling. I pretended to be startled and stuck my head up above the edge of the pool so the house owners could see their squatter.

“Ow, g’day how’s it going? Sorry I must have fallen asleep here. It’s been such a hot day and pool is just perfect.” I rattled off quickly to avoid interruption.

The two men half way between the house and the pool stopped and looked at me for a minute, looked at each other and then the first man, who spoke earlier, began to speak.

“Yeah she has been a hot one – mind if we join you?”

Who was I to disagree? It was their pool; their house and they are asking me if they want a swim. I was just keen to get out and cut my losses before they called the cops or something.

“Yeah, go for it.” I replied, “I should be heading off.” And during which I pulled myself out of the water and started walking towards my towel.

“Don’t be silly,” the second man said, “Jump back in and we’ll bring out some glasses for that rum.”

Holy moly!!! Can you believe it – these guys have just caught a trespasser in their pool and they want me to stay and have another drink with them… ow yeah now I figure it out. I was standing half reaching for my towel in my tiny red speedos with a semi hardon. As I was too occupied with my escape I hadn’t, until now, noticed their staring at my body. As if they knew that I had just figured out what was going on Troy and the other guy (who I later found out was called Michael) headed back to the house.

Now it was mine turn to check them out. They were only mid-twenties, probably only 5 years older than me but they dressed nice and were in trousers and button up shirts, which were untucked. Troy was about 5″8′ and blonde with a nice body and his arse was awesome as he walked back into the house. Michael was about the same height but was brunette and appeared a little more muscle than Troy and his arse was awesome as he walked back as well. So now I was in the backyard on my own – but only for a few minutes so what was I to do? I’m thinking these guys might be gay and have their way with me (I’ve had some gay/bi experiences so that sounds good) but I’m not 100% sure they are. I could run now and I’d probably get away but these guys are hot and I’m only wearing my tiny red speedos so by the time I got changed they would surely see from where ever they are within the house.

Bugger it, I thought, and I jumped back into the pool.

Back in the pool I waited about 3 minutes before Michael returned with a towel around his waist, a polo shirt on and he was carrying a tray with some glasses, another bottle of Rum and some more coke on it.

“So I didn’t catch your name before, I’m Michael, and my fuck buddy is Troy.”

Did he just say ‘fuck buddy’? Yep – he did. My now rock solid erection got harder.

“I’m Brad, nice to meet you. Sorry about borrowing your pool, I was just.” Michael cut me off mid sentence.

“Don’t mention it Brad, we’ve been away for a while so you might as well be using it.”

At this moment Troy came out of the house only wearing a tiny tiny pair of ADIDAS speedos. His skin was slightly tanned and his chest was well defined without being too muscly.

“Troy, our pool sitter is Brad. Brad – this is Troy.” Michael introduced.

“Howzit going Brad? Water better be nice.” And with that Troy dived that hot body of his into the pool. Troy swam to the other end of the pool and jumped out announcing. “I think its Rum time.”

As Brad walked in his speedos to the table where Michael was sitting with the tray, Michael got up and removed his shirt to reveal his amazing chest, he then whipped off his towel to show is white speedos. And they were tight. I think Michael also was on the way to getting a hardon as well and he dived into the pool. Troy mixed three rums and Michael jumped out of the pool. There were only 2 seats around the small pool table and Troy and Michael were both sitting when I got to the table.

As I reached for my rum – Troy put one hand around my waist and pulled me down so I was sitting on his knee. I didn’t really resist because I was waiting for this to happen. I mean I got out of the pool with a rock hard cock, very visible through my wet, skin tight, red speedos.

As I sat on Troy’s leg I could feel his hard on been my arse crack – and it felt sooooo good.

“So you borrow our pool while we are away and you made Michael all horny hey Brad?”

“Yeah – we’ll I can only apologies for using your pool but I think I can do something about Michael’s hard on.” And with that I lent over towards Michael and poked his rock hard cock through the left leg of his speedos. Michael was shaved smooth and his cock was beautiful. I could feel Troy’s hands on my waist as he held my arse on his leg and I started sucking Michael.

Immediately Michael started to groan with pleasure. I have only sucked dicked 4 times in my life but I’ve read about it and I can take it pretty deep now. I concentrated on sucking Michael and Troy stood up so now I was leaning right over with my speedo clad arse pointing skywards. Troy left my arse for a moment to get a condom and some lube from the table, but he was back soon enough.

Michael’s cock was nice and warm and his pre-cum was flowing and tasted sooooo sweet. I interrupted my knob polishing to lick his shaven smooth balls, which I pulled outside his speedos. Michael continued to moan with pleasure with both of his hands on my head. As I move from Michael’s smooth testicles and slid back up his long smooth shaft with my tongue I felt Troy pulling my speedos from my arse. After quickly disposing of the draw string my arse was bare for the world to see and my hardon was finally free.

I played with the end of Michael’s cock with my tongue as he continued to moan even louder. I could feel the end of Troy’s cock at the door of my virgin arse and in one smooth slow stroke he slid it right into me. I pulled my head back in what was a mix of pleasure and pain. I could feel Troy deep in my loins and he lubed it up enough that is slid in effortlessly. But I couldn’t enjoy it for long as Michael’s hands directed me back to his knob. As I sucked Michael’s cock with even more fever Troy began to slid in and out of my glory hole.

We were all on the same pace – although I slowed down a little on Michael’s cock because I sensed he was getting close. Troy was now humping hard which felt amazing!!! Troy was groaning louder than Michael and the sound of his waist slapping against my butt only added to the sensory overload. Michael was getting close and grabbed my head with both his hands, Troy was going hard and his hands were holding my waist at the hips. I have never been as horny in my life and as I sensed Michael and Troy were about to cum I took one hand and began stroking. Just as my hand reached my cock – Michael let out a single loud moan and he began unloading his hot man juice into my mouth, I clenched my arse and Troy lasted only about 2 strokes before he started cumming which was when I only had to touch my cock and I started spurring cum everywhere.

My body was absolutely exhausted – it had only been 4 or 5 minutes at the most but that was amazing. I kept sucking Michael’s cock for another minute to clean up all the cum and Troy removed his cock slowly from my arse.

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  1. Juse says:

    i enjoy reading and have my precum. nice story… more please with picture. thanks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    love that ooh

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