Expensive AussieBums

You guys know I’m a fan of AussieBum and have been since they began.

What I am finding now though is how expensive they are – maybe it is because the Aussie dollar is near parity to the US dollar (it was half that when AussieBum started).  I really like the new line that they have but the speedos are $53.

I think that is getting up there.

I’m going to try and keep the price of my swimwear line as low as I can – I’m thinking of a maximum price of $25 which so far I think I should be able to manage.

I know some of you guys have huge speedo collections – does price matter for you?  Is a $50+ speedo too expensive? Expensive AussieBum SpeedosIs AussieBum Too Expensive?New AussieBumsAussieBum Print Speedos

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6 comments on “Expensive AussieBums
  1. dgc92 says:

    I’m thinking that they have only jacked up the prices because it’s summer in the US atm, and they’re trying to capitalise on that. I’m hoping that when it gets back into summer in Australia, prices will go back to normal. I noticed the price increase straight away because I was deciding on colours over the past few days.

  2. Sam says:

    Yeah . . . agree with dgc92 . . . was a bit surprised at the increased cost . . . though I LOVE the new designs very much.

    Mind you, speedo charges low $40s for their general range so it not that huge a lift, compared to some other brands around (D&G etc).

    Still . . . may have to put off buying a pair to next summer . . . love the ‘optical’ style Aussiebum has.

  3. Dr. Phil says:

    I have paid more for things that I really liked, and occasionally more for things I didn’t end up liking…e.g. a red Emporio Armani one with velcro on the sides for, I think, about 75 pounds sterling when I was in the U.K. one time…that was a bad move! 😉

    Still, it is a different bracket of enthusiast that pays that much.

    (You should see how much some of the relatively basic ones cost on some higher-end websites…check out Saks Fifth Avenue’s swimwear selections, and find basic brief swimsuits that cost over $200!)

  4. beerdoc_colorado says:

    these remind me of the WWII. dazzles on the side of ships…i guess this technique can also be used to camouflage ones junk.

  5. cr says:

    I like the suit patterns, but really, are they worth $50+? Anyone else have the thought that the brief line at Aussiebum is getting smaller, wishing their suits stayed smaller like they started?

  6. Luis Rosales says:

    I pay without problems if the suits are “g strings”…

Let me know what you are thinking.....