Fax machine has arrived!!!

Finally my fax machine has arrived so I’ve had a big day working and trying to sort out fucking visa approval stuff. Man I hate paperwork. But while I’ve been doing the paperwork I have been downloading some new movies for the site.

Found this awesome movie which has four guys wearing speedos. The download isn’t finished yet but when it is I’ll post up some screen shots – European movie and the guys are all around 20yo. One has an awesome pair of red speedos and I got hard straight away.

It reminded me of my first real full (I had some other jack off with other guys experiences but they are proper I suppose) gay experience. I knew this guy and he said his folks were away for the weekend and that I should head down and spend a night. This guy was gay and he must have known that I was keen. So I rocked up on Saturday arvo at this guys place, wearing a pair of red speedos underneith my quiksilver board shorts. Spent the afternoon mucking around in the pool – nothing sexual yet.

The afternoon was getting late, we were having a few drinks (yes we were just underage – but only just – we were both late 17yo). Anyway a friend of Marks came over (he was first year at uni and was 18yo I think). Marks friend, Michael (yes 2 M’s are going to get confusing here I’m sure) told us that he had a girl coming over later who would ‘put out’ for us. We had been drinking and our 17yo livers weren’t upto what they are now so we were keen.

We were in the louge watching a movie and Mark (my buddy from skool) suggested we get ready for this ‘mystery girl’ and get down to our speedos to give her a surprise. At school Mark and I had both had to wear speedos in school PE so he knew I would have them on. Michael thought it was a good idea and the next minute the three of us were sitting around just in our speedos.

How hot is this – two 17yo guys and an 18yo guy sitting around in their speedos.

Ow – sorry guys – gotta reset the computer here. I’ll keep you hanging for what happens next until tomorrow.

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