Fiji is Fantastic

Back to Fiji for this post guys – its around 10pm here and I’ve had a wonderful day.

After breakfast blowjobs a massive buffet breakfast was on the cards overlooking the beach. Then we went on a 70 foot plus touristy yacht to the island where Castaway (the Tom Hanks movie) was filmed. The weather was good – a little bit of wind but the sun was out and there were only 15 other people on the boat so it was like having the place to ourselves.

Of the 17 people on the boat there were 13 asians who were part of a tour group – they were really good fun but stuck to themselves since they all knew each other. Then there was a couple of their honeymoon, Steve and Julie, so Patrick and I hung out with them most of the day. They were really kewl and Patrick and I both wore speedos any time we hit the water and nobody blinked.

I’m really tired now so off to bed – I’ve been playing a lot of tennis which I haven’t done for years. Tennis is normally done shirtless so I’m getting really brown.

More naughty stories for you guys tomorrow so stay posted.

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