Finally I get to work on Brad

Friday 22nd April
Sorry – had to duck off for a tick there – hehehe.

Anyways back to the steam room where things are getting very steamy as I’m thrusting into Brad’s girlfriend Lauren. It was only about 3 minutes (if that – maybe I am bragging but who cares this is my blog and nobody can say I only lasted a minute). And I came big time. Definitely quit surprising considering how much I had to drink earlier in the evening.

After I pulled out of Lauren I removed my cum filled condom and Lauren took her mouth off Brad’s cock (for the first time since I entered the steam room) and said to me “Dave – would you like to give me a hand up here with Brad’s cock?�.

OW MY GOD!!!!!

I thought she would never ask – hehehe. There wasn’t even a need for a response on that one – I tucked myself back into my Portsea AussieBums and moved up beside Lauren. Brad was sitting on the first seat with one leg on the ground and his other leg up on the seat giving enuf room for Lauren and I to attend to him.

As I got on my knees next to Lauren (I wanted to get a lower position and get a look at Brad’s balls) it was the first time I had been able to see Brad’s face. He looked down at me and said “Man this is hot isn’t it Dave.�

He was dead right there. Brad’s cock was beautiful – cut (like mine) and shaved in the last day or so at most. His balls were shaves as well. While Lauren was working on his shaft I got underneath and started playing with Brad’s balls. My favourite thing myself is when someone (or myself – I use this on me sometimes – OK – most of the time) is to rub the bit of smooth skin between your balls and your arsehole. It drives me wild and is a great starting point to some arse fingering – hehehe. So I was licking/sucking on Brad’s balls and rubbing in that spot.

Brad was becoming a little more vocal now and moaning much louder. He was definitely getting closer. I also now realize that I’m hard again – or did I ever get soft? Brad is starting to moan much louder now and he is getting close. He asks me to finger his arse and I happily oblige. That was it – from the moment I stuck my finger in his tight, smooth arse Brad exploded into Lauren’s mouth within about 2 seconds.

I pulled away and sat next to Brad on the seat. Lauren tucked him back into his Black Speedos and sat on the other side of Brad.

Well I’m horny again – those last couple of paragraphs were a bit ‘hard’ to write. I’m going for a wank and I’ve got some packing. I promise I will finish this short chapter in my life on my next post later today.

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