Finally I got some dick!!!

That is right guys – I’m living with 2 hot Aussie guys under 25yo and for 3 days I haven’t gotten any. Well not last night…..

No it wasn’t Will – it was Dean (my mate who is staying with me for a couple of days before he moves to a ski resort just south of here). I know I have been a bit lazy and I haven’t mentioned Dean much – but honestly I didn’t think much of it. I met Dean here at the end of last season and we rode a bit together. Few nights on the grog and nothing much more. He emailed me about a month ago and said he was heading back over here (he went back to uni in Perth) for the winter and had a couple of weeks to kill so why not ski his old town.

Dean has dark hair and is a good 6’4″ (bit taller than me) and he is kinda quiet. I never thought anything would happen with Dean at all.

So here is how it happened. We were in my room (Will who shares my room was out at some staff thing) and Dean wanted to watch some porn. I do have some lesbian porn on my laptop so opened it up and left Dean to it. At some point I left the room and when I came back I caught Dean rubbing himself. He was a little embarrassed but didn’t mind too much as he complimented me on my lesbian porn (as if I care about lesbian porn). I passed it off and said that since arriving in town I had been super horny.

Then I had an idea. But this is evil… hehehe.

I told Dean that I knew a chick (he actually knew her as well from last year) who has a reputation as being ‘easy’. Anyways I explained to Dean that I reckon she’d be up for some fun with 2 Aussie guys. He sounded keen (might have been that we had been drinking for a couple of hours as well). So then I did the evil thing – I went out into the lounge and ‘pretended’ to call Jen (the ‘easy’ girl). I don’t even know this chicks number or where she lives this year. Hehehe. Ain’t I evil!!!

Returning to my room I told Dean all was good and that Jen would be coming around in about an hour. Lots of high fives and “Ow Yeahs!!!” Jen was ‘going’ to meet us at the hot tub and now I had an hour to figure out how to get Dean into some speedos. By now saying that I am horny is an understatement.

An hour passed and I jumped up off the couch in my room and started to ge ready for the ‘hot tub with Jen’. I opened my top drawer (the one with all my speedos and Aussiebums) and I pulled out my AussieBum Portsea’s and waved them at Dean asking “Do you think Jen will like these mate?”

“You serious?” replied Dean chuckling a little bit.

“Why not? I reckon she’ll love it us 2 Aussie’s wearing our TD’s.” (TD’s stands for dick togs).

That put Dean on the back foot and he stopped giggling. “I haven’t had a pair of them since I left school.”

Thank God that I love speedos so much and I have a few ‘extra’ pairs – hehehe. I pulled out my AussieBum Bronco’s (pics in a previous post here) and threw them at Dean “These will do you mate.”

Dean had a good hard look at them (they nice and tight on me – maybe even too tight – but Dean is a little slimmer than I am so I thought they would be perfect. What I didn’t expect was the size of Dean cock – that made them look AMAZING!!!!

That is enuf for me now guys I’ve gotta duck off – I’ll finish this tomorrow morning.

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3 comments on “Finally I got some dick!!!
  1. vandave says:

    Got me hard and wanting more…

  2. Big Jay says:

    Get me hard and then leave us hanging, did you f*#@?

  3. Dave Evans says:

    Yeah sorry guys – had to duck oout and I really do need to be in the mood when writing about this stuff hey.

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